Daily Devotional

Psalm 139:14

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well

I have little doubt that if you've been following Christ for a significant amount of time that you've seen this verse before. It appears on cards, Bible journals, jewelry, and you may even have it hanging up in your home on one of those wooden signs. Something about this verse makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. And why shouldn't it? The God of the universe, who spoke creation into existence, loves us, and created us to be a part of His plan. But here David is actually focused on the actual physical bodies God gave us.

It makes sense to be in awe of what God has created - the human body is truly remarkable. For example, did you know our noses can detect up to 1 trillion smells? Or that more than half of our bones are located in our hands, wrists, ankles, & feet? Or what about the fact that taking one step uses over 200 muscles? Our bodies are incredible yet I for one have taken my body for granted. In the past I haven't treated my body well, I didn't think much of it, and of course, I'm guilty of comparing it to others. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever thought, "I wish I looked like that," or "Why did God give me this body?" As common as these thoughts may be, they lead us to put our identity in the wrong source. Our bodies should not define us but rather the God who created bodies in the first place.

We are children of God, and His love for us goes beyond our physical appearance. If we place our identity in Christ, then we become a new creation that goes beyond anything we could comprehend physically. While taking care of our bodies has its place, I'd challenge you today to focus on your heart. If Christ has transformed you and you are connected to Him, then you should understand that your worth is found in Him and Him alone.
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