These are challenging days for men. Our society sends mixed messages about manhood, sometimes portraying men as immature, self-centered and clueless. Yet certain athletes, actors and others are often elevated to the status of hero.

In twenty-first century America we desperately need to understand manhood and its essential role in society. Our families and communities do need godly male role models, but the truth is that men struggle with knowing how to become the husbands, fathers, friends and citizens we were designed to be.

Our task in Men’s Ministry is to discover God’s design for manhood and how to live as Christ’s men in these times. At Campus Bible Church we are doing this through a variety of small groups, motivational events and bible studies.


Men's Prayer Group

Thursdays | 6-7am | Room A203 - Maple Campus

MEN - Come and experience the power of Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, worship-based prayer with other men! We are currently praying through the Gospel of Luke.


Tuesdays, Sept. 10 - Oct. 29

7-8:30pm | Maple Campus - A201

 Do you want to enjoy a deeper prayer life and experience greater intimacy with God?
In this series men will learn how to pray together using the 3D-model of prayer (Upward, Inward, Outward), and discover how prayer can transform seven key areas of their lives.

Session 1: Introduction – What is Transforming Prayer?
Session 2: Men of Pursuit – Pursuing intimacy with God
Session 3: Men of Confidence – Pursuing our identity as God’s sons
Session 4: Men of Purity – Pursuing a life of holiness
Session 5: Men of Brotherhood – Pursuing friendships with other men
Session 6: Men of Faithfulness – Pursuing intimacy with our spouse
Session 7: Men of War – Pursuing the defeat of our enemy
Session 8: Men of the Cross – Pursuing the good news of the gospel

Hosted by Pastor Kenton Rahn

Registration Required.

Building a Legacy:
A Million Man Call to Prayer

Saturday, November 2, 2019

8am - 12:45pm - lunch included

Live Simulcast at Peoples Church

Join us for this live event at People's Church which will be Simulcast across the nation - calling men to pray and leave a God-honoring legacy.

Sponsored by: Mighty Men Movement


Next Class:
Thursdays, Jan. 23 - April 9, 2020
6:30-9pm | Maple A201

 Want to take a deeper step in your relationship with God and learn what it means to be the leader God wants you to be in your home, marriage, work, and church?  If so, take the next Men in Action Class. It’s a great chance to be challenged in your leadership and a great opportunity to get to know other men in our church.

Each class averages between 20-50 students which makes for opportunities to build significant friendships.

Class Leaders: Pastor Jim Cecy & Mike Wilhelm

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