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Bocce Ball & Lunch

JUNE 15, 2024
Grandparents, come on out to our first-ever bocce fun and fellowship event! There will be no program and no cost! But it will be high on fun, games, relaxed fellowship, and lunch is provided. We will meet in the grassy area by the playground at Maple. Bring all your grandkids!
Welcome to one of the newest works of ministry now being addressed by the Christian church—Grandparenting Ministry! Grandparents are among the most influential groups in the church! This ministry seeks to help grandparents see anew their role from a Biblical perspective.
In our culture being grandparents is equated with finally being able to do whatever you want. The kids are raised. The house is paid off. Retirement has come, or is on the way. So the world says just go and serve yourself until your days are done! Fulfill some “bucket list,” and do everything you missed out while working so hard all these years.
But the Lord has special plans for grandparents! They are particularly equipped to accomplish God’s purposes in the extended family. The major focus is taking up the mantle of ministering to the grandkids, with purpose!  There is a lot to learn to know how to fulfill this calling in your family setting and unique circumstances.
To help equip and encourage you in this work, the Grandparenting Ministry will provide special events, like the Legacy Coalition Summit. It will also provide regular luncheons or other get togethers for both training and fellowship. Resources will also be made available to those who are interested.
Exciting things await you, as you discover and fulfill the work that the Lord has prepared for you to do, in your family!

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