Daily Devotional

Ephesians 6:17

Take up...the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

I’ve always loved history. Growing up I genuinely thought becoming a knight someday was a viable possibility. If I’m honest, there’s still a little part of me that wonders if there’s any way to make that dream a reality (if you happen to know the Queen, put in a good word for me). There are lots of things about a knight that make becoming one an enticing idea to a young boy; the horse, the chivalry, the armor, but really there’s one main thing that’s the most appealing…the sword.

For thousands of years the sword was a trusted and lethal weapon on the battlefield. Sword making was studied and crafted over the centuries to make blades, lighter, stronger, and more able to withstand the test of battle after battle, blow after blow.

Knights would often name their blades and took great care to ensure they were well treated. A sharp and strong sword was essential. As powerful and effective as these blades were, knights had to learn how to use them. No knight simply picked up a sword for the first time and was instantly an expert. It took hours and hours of diligent practice to hone one’s skill, and they would continue to practice between battles to keep their skills as sharp as their swords.

The Bible tells us that as Christians our sword is the Word of God. This is a powerful and effective weapon in our spiritual battle but just like with knights of years past, if we want to be effective in utilizing our sword, we need to pick it up on a regular basis. Just as a knight wouldn’t place his sword on a shelf as he awaited the next battle, we can’t put the sword of the Spirit away either. We need to study it and learn how to apply it in every area of our lives. Jesus Himself showed us the importance of knowing Scripture when He was tempted by the devil in the wilderness. Three times the devil tempted Him, and three times Jesus responded by utilizing the sword of Spirit, God’s Word (Matthew 4:1-11).

You might be in the middle of a spiritual battle, or there may be one around the corner. Whatever the case, God has given you a tool to use to help you fight those battles. A knight trusted his sword literally with his life, but the truth of the matter is swords made of metal can grow brittle, break, and fail. We can trust the sword of the Spirit because God’s Word never fails. Pick up your sword today and you’ll be more prepared for whatever tomorrow holds.
English Standard Version (ESV)
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