Daily Devotional: Security

John 16:33

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

On November 20, 1980, a drill rig was doing some exploratory drilling in a 10-foot deep lake in Louisiana. A few moments later the very large (and expensive) drill rig mysteriously disappeared completely under the shallow water. Three hours later all of the 3.5 billion gallons of water had drained out of the lake. It turns out that below the lake was a salt mine. At a depth of 1,228 feet, the drill punctured a hole in the mine and the rushing water rapidly eroded away the salt dome allowing the water from the lake to fill the network of tunnels below.

Sometimes change happens gradually over time, and sometimes it happens quickly, but either way, change is inevitable. With so much uncertainty in life it can sometimes be hard to feel secure in our circumstances. We might not be able to find peace in the world around us but there is always peace IN Jesus.

I’m reminded of the story of when Peter walked on water with Jesus. Peter got out of the boat and actually took a few steps on the water. When he kept his eyes fixed on Jesus, he did something impossible. As soon as he shifted his gaze off of Jesus and focused on the impossibility of his circumstances, he began to sink.

There are times when our circumstances may appear impossible and it seems like sinking is inevitable. If we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, we will be able to stay above water. That doesn’t mean things will always feel great or go how we want. In fact, Jesus told us the very opposite will happen. He said we WILL face tribulation. The definition of tribulation is “a cause of great trouble or suffering.” Though the word “tribulation” is often associated with the End Times, it’s used here to speak of the troubles of everyday life.

We will face times of difficulty, trouble, and suffering. With that knowledge how can we ever have peace? How can we find a sense of security when things are anything but secure? Our hope, our peace, and our security is not found in this world, but in the One who has overcome this world. Though everything around us may shift and crumble, we can take heart because our trust is in Jesus and there is none greater, none more powerful, and none who can offer greater peace and security. Followers of Jesus take heart not because our circumstances are always good, but because Jesus is always good. We can trust in Him. We can take heart. He has overcome the world.
English Standard Version (ESV)
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