DAY 38: Stories from the Sidewalk

Abortion is a painful and emotionally draining issue.  So I’m thankful you’ve been praying with me for the past 38 days.  And I figure you’re ready for some good news…

Thanks to the prayers and efforts of God’s people, since February 17 we know of 353 babies across the country that have been spared from abortion!

Many wonderful stories have come in, like the report from Chicago, Illinois – a city that boasts of being the abortion capital of the Midwest.  For the past year and a half, pro-life volunteers have been praying in front of the FPA clinic, helping rescue five babies from abortion.  But just a couple days ago the clinic went out of business and closed its doors for good!

In Pedregal, Mexico a man approached 40 Days for Life participants to ask for help.  His girlfriend was inside the abortion facility about to end the life of their child. But he wanted to keep the baby.

“Go inside and get her out,” the volunteers advised him.

Not long after that, the man and his crying girlfriend left the abortion clinic.  Together they chose life… and decided to get married!

In Plainfield, New Jersey a volunteer asked an abortion client leaving the clinic if she could help.

“You already did,” the woman replied, handing her a note.

She opened it up, and it read: “Thanks for your help.  I have decided not to do it.”

Here in Fresno, our church had 38 volunteers pray on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood.  And dozens more have been praying from home.

When I was on the sidewalk, I met a man named John.  I struck up a conversation with him, and he shared his testimony with me.

He said: “A couple years ago I was looking for a movie to see with my family and the trailer for Unplanned came on.  As soon as I saw it I cried out, “No!” and fell on the floor weeping, because I had never dealt with my abortion.  God saved me right there on the floor, and he told me to come out and help people on the sidewalks.”

Although God is intervening spectacularly in people’s lives – saving babies and families from the devastation of abortion – the work on the frontlines is not easy.

One of the sidewalk advocates here in Fresno reached out to a couple heading into Planned Parenthood for an abortion.  They had a five-month old baby in their arms and said they couldn’t handle the pressure of another child.  The sidewalk counselor calmed them down, encouraged them, and gave them hope.  Suddenly the man said they were leaving and never going into that building again.  But the next day they came back and got an abortion.

All of these stories depict the tumultuous warfare going on at abortion clinics.  There are spectacular victories and crushing defeats all within the span of a few minutes.

So let’s keep praying for the heroes down on the sidewalk – the prayer warriors and counselors who are willing to stand on the front lines to defend the unborn.

Suggested things to pray for:
  • Pray for God to strengthen and encourage the hearts of Sidewalk Counselors and volunteers who pray at abortion clinics.
  • Pray they will be able to see the fruit of their labors.