DAY 20: California Family Council

California Family Council is a wonderful organization that analyzes legislation pertaining to the protection of life, strengthening family bonds, and upholding religious liberty in California.  Their vision is for God’s people to live as principled citizens of both heaven and earth: Biblically faithful, civically responsible, and culturally impactful.

A while back, CFC’s Greg Burt testified before the CA Senate Judiciary Committee in a hearing the dealt with Senate Resolution 66, which praised the Roe v. Wade decision.

Here is a short excerpt of his testimony:

"Just listen to the way abortion rights advocates talk about the procedure. Do you hear the language gymnastics used to distract people away from thinking about what actually happens during an abortion? Why do they do that? Why can’t they talk about abortion in plain, exacting language? I think you know the answer.

Yet, distracting people from the reality of abortion has become nearly impossible with advances in ultrasound technology.

I have three kids and I remember being first introduced to my children through an ultrasound machine. I saw my daughter’s heart beating, and my son’s arms and legs in motion just a few months after conception. It was an unbelievable experience for a new father.

So when I think about what abortion really is, I recall those flickering ultrasound pictures, and I think of unborn children, just like my own, getting their little limbs torn off by an abortionist. The horror of it can hardly be expressed and I think, how can intelligent, otherwise very nice and good-hearted people justify this?

I’m here today to remind you of the cruel reality you are celebrating, in hopes that one day God will open your eyes and turn you into a pro-life advocate as he has done with millions of others."

What passion!  What clarity!  What boldness!  What an incredible witness to our elected officials of the truth of God’s word!

We need to hold our leaders accountable and not abdicate our responsibility to participate in our democratic form of government.  Imagine the influence and impact Christians would have if we all decided to speak up and get involved.

That’s why I’m so glad for organizations like California Family Council.  They are standing up for the truth in the halls of government, analyzing legislation, exposing wicked and ungodly bills, informing us of what’s going on, and calling our leaders to account!

Suggested things to pray for:
  • Thank God for Christian organizations like California Family Council. 
  • Pray for God to protect them, provide for them, and direct them.
  • Pray they would have tremendous influence on our elected officials and the laws they enact.
  • Pray that more Christians would speak up and get involved.