In Hindsight - Vol. 9

What's your thing?

Everyone has their "thing." It's that thing that they're really into that is a little more unique or perhaps not popular with everyone. I have a friend who is totally into socks. Every time I see him he's wearing a different pair of fun or crazy socks. My wife Megan is into coffee. Yeah, I get that you probably like coffee, but when it comes to Megan, coffee is HER thing. For me, it's Spider-man.

I have a Spider-man mug, shirts, belt, jammies, and several items of Spider-man art that are currently relegated to my office. (I'm still trying to get my wife to change our decorating style to better incorporate them into our home). Spider-man has been my thing since I was a kid, and I just never grew out of it (some would say I never grew out of being a kid either, and I'm okay with that).

Out of all the superheroes that have been created, why was Spider-man the one I gravitated to? I think it all goes back to the fact that I could identify with him. Bruce Wayne was a billionaire; I couldn't really identify with that. Clark Kent was an alien from the planet Krypton; not too much in common there either. Captain America took a super-soldier serum and could throw his shield around with pin-point accuracy while I could barely get a frisbee to go straight. When it comes to Spider-man I couldn't really identify too much with him as a superhero but I could identify with the man under the mask, Peter Parker.

Peter Parker was a teenager who had to deal with school, girls, and bullies. He still lived in his Aunt's house and had to juggle all the normal teenage things with also being a crime fighting superhero; one that was often denigrated on the front page of the newspaper. Yes, he had super powers, but he was also a somewhat normal guy.

I'm reminded of what we just celebrated a few weeks ago; the coming of God in human form. Hebrews 4:15 says, "For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin." We have a super-hero Savior, but the big difference is that He's real. We can identify with Him because though He was fully God, He was also fully human. He breathed our air, walked our planet, encountered the frustrations and limitations of a human existence; all while never sinning.

As we all struggle with zoom burnout, internet connectivity issues, and things just not being the way we had hoped or imagined, we need to constantly remember to shift our focus off of our constantly changing circumstances and fix our eyes on our Savior who does not change. Though this won't change what's happening, it will change how what's happening affects us.

In Him,
Pastor Michael

Discussion Guide

1.) How are you feeling about the year ahead?

2.) What was the high point of your last week? What was the low point?

3.) What brings you joy or happiness?

4.) How have you been encouraged in the last month?

5.) Who have you encouraged in the last month?

6.) What do you think is more contagious? Encouragement or discouragement?

7.) On a scale of one to ten, where would you say your joy level has been at lately?

8.) How much do your circumstances affect your outlook on life?

9.) How have you seen God work through a difficult time you faced?