Adopt an Apartment

Hello Church Family!

These are exciting times and what a blessed opportunity we have now that the college students have begun moving in next door at the Topanga Ridge student housing complex!

This has been something in the plans for many years now and we’re finally at a point where the students have moved in and we can begin reaching out and connecting with them.

This ministry to the students at Topanga Ridge is being called: Adopt an Apartment.

Essentially, what we are trying to do for them in this new ministry is the following:

1) Have families at Campus Bible Church commit to donating no less than one (1) grocery bag per month of non-perishable food items.

2) Then, we will add our college group (Next Exit) brochures and other advertising material for our church to each of the grocery bags.

3) Young adults from our church's college ministry will hand-deliver each grocery bag to the specific apartment at Topanga Ridge in an attempt to create a relationship with them and invite the residents to our college ministry and other church events.

If you and/or your entire family would like to participate in this ministry by donating at least one (1) grocery bag per month of non-perishable food items, please fill out the Interest form and I will contact you directly to tell you more about the “Adopt an Apartment” ministry and give you the specifics of how to get started.

Lastly, please be praying for the the students at Topanga Ridge, in that God will soften their hearts for the gospel, as well as for our Next Exit ministry, that our students will be kind, loving, and bold in sharing their faith!

Thank you so very much!

Pastor Charles Specht
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