Daily Devotional

Matthew 4:19

And He said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

My youngest son, Luke, is completely blind. He has eyes, but they do not see. However, he’s just like any other kid who loves to laugh, play, and do fun things.

A few months back our family began going on bike rides together. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go riding as a full group because Luke didn't have his own bicycle and…obviously…he can't see so he can’t ride by himself. So, I began looking into tandem bicycles and got one for him right away.

His little bicycle has a seat, pedals, handle bar, and one wheel in the back. But instead of a front wheel it has a long bar which attaches to the back of my bicycle. And Luke absolutely loves it!

He pedals along with me, wears his helmet, and holds on tightly! I warn him when we have to slow down, when there’s a bump, and when we’re getting ready to stop. I do most of the pedaling and Luke simply comes for the ride. Essentially, Luke is always right behind me, following along.

Following after Jesus is a lot like how Luke rides a bicycle. We hold on tight and Jesus takes us where we need to go. We wear the “helmet of salvation” and we enjoy our time with Christ. We go wherever Jesus goes. We stop whenever Jesus stops. We pedal whenever Jesus tells us to. We put our feet down and wait, whenever Jesus says it’s what we need to do.

Following after Jesus is always an adventurous ride. Full of excitement, love, and — at times — gripping the handlebars like there's no tomorrow! Sometimes we hit unexpected bumps and other times we get flat tires. But it’s what Christians do!

PS: Jesus wants us to come along on the ride with Him as He makes disciples. He calls it fishing, in that we become fishers of men. I’ve been saved since I was twenty-two years old and I still don’t know how all of that works. How do I catch men? I don’t really know, because I can’t “see” all that God is doing up ahead of me as He steers the bicycle of my life.

So, as a believer, I keep my helmet on, pedal hard, hold tight, enjoy the ride, and get to spend quality time with Jesus….while fishing for men. And, my friend…so do you!
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
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