Daily Devotional

“Going to Work with Dad”

Many times believers look at the dire state of our world and say things like, “God you sure got work to do.”, or “God come back and get me out of here!”, or the ever unhelpful critical evaluation of people and circumstances around them, and simply leave the observation as a job well done.

I’m reminded today about the beautiful Biblical invitation we have to partnering WITH the Lord. It’s all God’s job, and yet we are His hands and feet. Amos 3:7 says, “Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets.”

You wonder why God would seemingly ‘handcuff’ His divine plans with fickle humans like us? Why doesn’t God just handle all the problems in this world and make all the wrongs right Himself? The answer is He did…and He’s going to. And the beautiful part is between all that is His plans to share this redemption story with His purchased children He calls the Body of Christ here on earth.

It's like a father who asks his four-year-old son to bring his plastic hammer out to the jobsite with him. It’s not because the father is desperate for more tools, but simply that he’s passionate about the experiences created with the one he loves more than the task at hand.

Today I want to remind you that we have been invited to partner with God who needs nothing, is all sufficient, and has invited us to a supreme adventure with Him.

Are there rifts in your family that need repairing? You are up! Are there friends in your circle that don’t know Jesus yet? Today is your day to pray into it! Is there any place where you see darkness advancing in your neighborhood, community, school or job? Today, you’re invited to walk with Jesus and partner with the Father bring Light across this land. So let’s grab our plastic hammer, and go to work with Dad!