Campus Bible Church was incorporated on May 25, 1970 as Campus Baptist Church with a dozen families who wanted their children and the young people in the community to know the relevance of the gospel and experience the positive aspects of the abundant life. The first worship service was held on Easter Sunday in 1970 with approximately one hundred people in attendance.

The church immediately called Andrew Aquistapace as pastor. The focus became “conservative contemporary Christianity.” Arrangements were made to hold worship services and Sunday School in a Seventh Day Adventist Church and to rent facilities for a church office at a separate location. As the ministry progressed and grew, additional staff were hired.

Five acres of property were purchased near California State University Fresno. The concern for reaching the youth of the community was reflected in both the name and location of the church. An 18,000 square foot multipurpose building was constructed on the property, completed and first occupied in the fall of 1976. This building served as an auditorium, seating five hundred people, and housed classrooms and offices as well.

A 10,000 foot education building was constructed in 1982. The congregation met the entire cost of the building with cash gifts between November 1980 and July 1982. In 2002, a building was constructed on the front of the property to house office space, a gymnasium and kitchen downstairs with room upstairs to facilitate a larger fireside room to hold seminars as well as other conference/classrooms.

On April 3, 2005, on the 35th anniversary of Campus, the name of the church was changed to Campus Bible Church.

During the summer of 2008, a pay-as-you-go building project was commenced to complete what was left unfinished when the front building was built. The tenant improvement, completed in January 2011, included three classrooms, restrooms with showers, and an elevator to provide second story access to both the education wing and the front building.

In January 2014, the congregation and leadership celebrated the final payment on the building loan. As of that payment, the entire facility and all construction was fully paid off. Campus is excited about the vision and direction for the future!

On Sunday, June 8, 2014, the members at Palm Avenue Community Church and Campus Bible Church voted to merge to become one local church in two locations. The vision for the future of Campus is to be a united family of Christ-centered, Bible-believing, globally-minded, loving and obedient followers of Jesus Christ, linking together to make a difference for Christ in our world.

Former pastors of Campus Baptist Church include: Andy Aquistapace, Gene Selander, Bob Welles, Dan Blied and Mahlon Friesen. Dr. Jim Cecy has served as our Senior Pastor since November 1, 1995.