Matthew 28:19 - "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."

Campus Bible Church believes that God has given us a specific part to play in helping to fulfill the Great Commission both locally and globally.



European Leadership Forum

Wisła, Poland | May 21–June 1, 2024

We took a Short-Term Missions team to serve at the European Leadership Forum which unites, equips, and provides resources to Evangelical European leaders who would otherwise remain isolated in ministry.


Campus Bible Church has partnered with Empowering Lives International for a Village to Village partnership with the community of Mindililwo in central Kenya.

Learn more about the partnership and ways you can be involved.

Global Missions Fund

Gifts to the Global Missions Fund supplement monies allocated in the general church budget to support Missionaries and Mission agencies that our church has committed to support.

Gifts may me given throughout the month. An offering is taken on the first Sunday of the month following communion.

JARON Ministries International

Campus and JARON have a special relationship.

Short-Term Missions Application

Campus Bible Church wants to help you make a significant contribution to what God is doing around the world. When you go, you’ll be prepared and led into a ministry that will teach you to depend on God and grow closer to Him.

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