Men, are you going a little stir crazy during this pandemic?  Are you struggling with temptation, or facing some challenges with your family?  Are you feeling lonely or disconnected?  Do you want to grow spiritually during this difficult time?
If so, you’re not alone!  I want to invite you to be part of a 4:12 Group with other men who can relate to what you’re going through.

What are 4:12 Groups?

4:12 Groups are groups of 2-4 men who meet together regularly to grow spiritually – to study, to pray, to laugh, to encourage and care for another… to just share life together.  
The name comes from Ecclesiastes 4:12 - “A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.”

Men, can you honestly say you have at least 1-3 other men in your life who’ve got your back?  Men that you meet with regularly… that know about the problems in your life… and that support you no matter what you’re going through?
The goal of a 4:12 Group is to build the kind of friendships where you could pick up the phone anytime and call the guys in your group: for accountability, for prayer, for support, or just for fun!
1. If you are willing to start a new 4:12 Group and invite some men to join you, please click the button below and let us know!
2. If you want to join a 4:12 Group and need help finding one, please click the button below and let us know.
3. If you are already part of a men’s small group, please click the button below and let us know who your group members are.  We would love to hear about your group and what you are doing to encourage each other.


Mondays, March 1 - May 24
Maple A203

Men: want to take a deeper step in your relationship with God and learn what it means to be the leader God wants you to be in your home, marriage, work, and church? If so, take the next Men in Action Class.

It’s a great chance to be challenged in your leadership and a great opportunity to get to know other men in our church. Each class averages between 15-25 students which makes for opportunities to build significant friendships.


Men's Prayer Group

THURSDAYS | 6-7am | Online Prayer Meeting

MEN - Come and experience the power of Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, worship-based prayer with other men! We are currently praying through the Gospel of Luke.

To join us, please email Pastor Kenton for instructions on how to connect online using Zoom.

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