Advent Devotional

Psalm 148:1-3, 11-13

"Praise the LORD.  Praise the LORD from the heavens; praise Him in the heights!  Praise Him, all His angels; praise Him, all His hosts! Praise Him, sun and moon; praise Him, all stars of light…. Kings of the earth and all peoples; princes and all judges of the earth; both young men and virgins, old men and children.  Let them praise the name of the LORD, for His name alone is exalted; His glory is above the earth and the heavens."

As we draw close to the end of the year, it is important to ask the question of whether we are grateful to God for His greatness and His blessings, or whether we are resentful for how He has worked in our lives.  This is important for at least two reasons:

First because God deserves praise.  He is great and good and wise and powerful.  It is only right that he should be thanked and praised.  

Second, because our perception of God is the key to how we will react to things in the future.  If we see Him as remote, we will not sense His presence.  If we see Him as unconcerned, we will not notice or count our blessings.

During this season, spend some time noticing the greatness and the blessings of God around you and for you.  Then, thank Him for all He is and all He does.  It is a great way to finish one year and begin another.  Use the space below to list His greatness and His blessings for you and for the whole world.

For Reflection & Discussion: What specifically would you like to praise God for right now?

Prayer: Father, You are truly great—beyond any description or understanding.  Even so we praise You for your power and wisdom; for Your provision and concern; and above all for Your grace.  We thank You for being who You are and meeting all our needs. We especially thanks You for the gift of Your Son Jesus  Amen.

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