Daily Devotional

One of the great questions we need to answer in our own hearts is this: “Who am I in Christ?” Because if we are not careful, we will allow ourselves to be placed on the totem pole by the world. But the world totem pole is not accurate for us. Why?

Consider today’s passage.

Then Joseph brought his father Jacob and presented him to Pharaoh; and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.  Genesis 47:7

Here is a telling dynamic, and a spiritual truth! Pharaoh was the leader of the most powerful country in that world. Jacob and Joseph were there by Pharaoh’s grace. Jacob and his family were there to get help in a deep famine. They needed food, they needed pasture for their flocks, and yet…


In that world, Jacob would have been a subject, even part of a kind of despised people to the Egyptians. But in the kingdom of God Jacob was the rich man, the man with more power and higher in authority than Pharaoh! And so....


God’s word is clear on this point. Consider Hebrews 7:7
It is beyond dispute that the inferior is blessed by the superior.

If you see yourself as subject to others, then it will be so. But, out in the world it is necessary for us to see ourselves as those vested with riches, authority and power in Christ. As those empowered by God to bless the people out in the world. Those with spiritual wealth, power and authority that exceeds any equivalent in the world!

We may be needy in other ways, like Jacob was regarding food and pasture. But that did not deter him from fulfilling his role granted Him by the Lord!

“And Jacob blessed Pharaoh.” Go and do the same. Fulfill your role!