Daily Devotional

"Brain Fog"

Before Covid-19 I had often wondered what I would do in long term isolation. During the Covid-19 lockdown it didn’t take me long to adjust to a new work schedule. In fact, I was highly productive. Besides completing my many ministry duties I added extra hours to my day, which resulted in writing and publishing “Have a G.R.E.AT.  Day: Living Our Lives One Blessed Day at a Time.” Whereas, many I know went to “half-speed” I pushed ahead. I was prepared. I was also confident I would do the same if there was another lockdown. I even made another “lockdown project list.”

Well, I recently tested positive for the Covid-19 infection. I immediately placed myself in isolation in order not to endanger anyone. My symptoms were minimal with a few aches and pains and a low grade fever. I truly expected to ride this out, working on my sermons, devotionals and even a new book. I also expected to make scores of phone calls and do some future ministry planning. I anticipated a highly productive few weeks. Well, little did I know that my light symptoms would be accompanied by something for which I never planned: brain fog. So there I was with the worst “writer’s block” I have ever experienced. Ideas came. Ideas went. Nothing would stick. My Bible, my sermon notes and my substantial “to do” lists were scattered all over my bed. But my brain drain lingered.

So, what does one do in midst of unexpected brain fog? Lower the expectations. Toss out the list. Call family and friends. Rest. Wait. Listen to worship music. Watch quiz shows. Read. Pray. Praise. Not a bad way to spend the time.

In the words of Psalm 18:28 “For You light my lamp; the LORD my God illumines my darkness.”
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