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Acts 28

In Acts 28...the last chapter of the Acts of the Apostles...we find Paul and 276 shipwrecked crew safely on the Island of Malta. It is now the spring of 61 AD—six months after they left Caesarea for Rome. Paul is healed from a deadly snake bite and heals  many of the island people of their diseases. Boarding a third ship, off to Rome they sail, landing in Puteoli (Naples, Italy—the port from which my grandfather sailed to America). Paul, chained to his guards, meets a few brethren there and later travels to  Rome. For two years he lives under guard but nonetheless preaching about Christ “with all openness, unhindered.”

Many believe it was during this time he writes Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon. Thus ends the Book of Acts.

Yet, there is more to the story. Let’s call it Acts 29: The Next Chapter in Church History.

  • Did Paul stand before Caesar? Many think he did (cf. Phil. 4:22).

  • Did Caesar release him? Many believe so and he continued his missionary service for a few more years.

  • Did Paul serve for many more years? No. Around 67 AD, Paul was arrested, imprisoned in Rome and beheaded.

Folks, Acts 29...the Unwriiten Acts of Jesus’ Disciples...is not about the apostle Paul; it’s about the people to whom Paul passed the baton of responsibility to share the good news concerning the Lord Jesus Christ “with all openness, unhindered” (Acts  38:31)

Acts 29 is about you and me! May God be pleased with the rest of His Story.
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