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Acts 22

“But then it happened...” (Acts 22:6)
 Acts 22 puts us with the apostle Paul, defending himself before the Jewish leaders who, from his childhood,  gave him his religious training. My summary of his testimony: "You know me. I am a fellow Jew, zealous for God, who, with YOUR blessing, persecuted Christ-followers, believing I was on a mission for God.”  


 Paul goes on to say, “The Risen Lord Jesus spoke to me and the God of our fathers appointed me to be a witness  for Christ to all men, even though all would not accept my testimony. So now, here I am, standing before you, the ones who taught me the biblical promises about the Messiah. You are the ones who taught me to stand up for what I believe!” Their response is shocking, “He shouldn't be allowed to live" (v. 23) and they rush upon Paul. The Roman soldiers  take him away and scourge him. Paul appeals to his rights as a Roman citizen and they send him back to the Jewish Council. Humanly-speaking, it will not go well.  


 The testimony of the transforming power of the Gospel is about to spread worldwide (Read the rest of the Book  of Acts). And you and I will be the product!
 However, imagine if Paul, and others who suffered like him throughout the centuries, had chosen to be silent.  Where would we be?  

 Now, imagine the impact on the next generations if we choose to cower to those who try to silence us, even those  who taught us from our youth to stand up for what we believe. How sad if the generations following us testify,  


 Live your faith BEFORE them. Share your faith WITH them. And, if necessary, stand firm in the faith AGAINST  them.  


 By God’s grace, the generation following us will follow our bold example and stand up for what they believe...one  generation to another until the Lord returns.
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