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Better than Basic

Do you remember BASIC cable? Most of my students have no idea what that is but it's the TV programming package that you paid for to get a limited number of local channels. As a kid growing up, I didn't want BASIC cable. In fact, I'd argue I didn't want BASIC anything! The word sounds so negative. It's often used to describe something or SOMEONE simple, dull, and sometimes even a little boring. But let me tell you something...you are NOT BASIC.

In fact, you are so much more than BASIC. A BASIC person is a person who lacks characteristics that might make a person interesting, unique, or extraordinary. You were created in God's image. In the Scripture, we can read about the attributes of God… and none of His qualities are BASIC! He is all-knowing, wise, and all-powerful. God is eternal, unchangeable, and holy. God is love and everything He does is good. Now in this life, we will never perfectly portray His image but we are to reflect His attributes.

So we should be asking ourselves, how can we become more like the person God created us to be? A great place to start is by realizing your VALUE as God’s creation.Some people live their entire lives never understanding who they are and the difference they are making in the world around them. John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States. He held more political offices than anyone in the history of our country. He was president, a senator, congressman, the Secretary of State, and the United States minister to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Russia, and England. When he was 70 years old, he made the following statement: "My whole life has been a succession of disappointments. I didn't have any success in anything I undertook." President Adams struggled with his identity. Our identity and our value in this life are not found in what we do but rather in who we are.

Family, I pray that we'd ask God to give us eyes that see ourselves and other people the way He does. Instead of looking at others as BASIC, we should realize that every person we meet was created by a unique and amazing God. When we realize we are made in God's image, it will affect how we see yourselves and others.
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