Daily Devotional

Psalm 42:8

The Lord will command His lovingkindness in the daytime; And His song will be with me in the night, A prayer to the God of my life.

I keep waking up at 4:00am. (Don’t you hate when that happens? Ugh!) Around 4:00am is when I get hot at night, I wake up in a sweat, and soon turn the air conditioning lower. Then, I struggle falling back asleep.

A few months back I kept waking up at 2:00am…when I was stressed about the ten million things I needed to get done in the coming weeks.

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2:00am or 4:00am, because both options are just too early! Again, ugh.

Do you ever experience those moments? Maybe you wake up, your mind begins racing, you remember something or you have a brilliant idea that can’t wait, and then sleep seems like it will never happen again?

You see, our evenings (sleep patterns) are often shaped by our daytime activities, and the culmination of our days equates to a lifetime. They affect one another. They’re intertwined.

In Psalm 42:8, the psalmist says that God offers “lovingkindness in the daytime” and in the night He gives us a song, which should lead to a prayer to God who controls our lives.

We should pant after God. We should thirst for Him. In our darkest moments…even during the seasons of immense despair…God is always there, offering comfort to the afflicted and a soothing song for those who cannot rest.

Go to the Lord with your cares, your problems, and all that stresses you out. Embrace His lovingkindness, listen to His song, and pray to the One who alone listens to the very thoughts of your mind.
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation