In Hindsight - Vol. 8

Today We Sailed On

I heard a story several years ago about Christopher Columbus. While he traveled across the Atlantic he daily wrote in his journal. As the journey began there was plenty of exciting news to record. There were writings about the hoped for discoveries in the New World, the excitement of the men, and the first sighting of dolphins. As the trip went one there was less to report. The entries got shorter and the news less exciting. After awhile, Columbus' journal began to have the same entry each day, "Today we sailed on."

I love that story. I like the simple optimism that is found in Columbus' words. There was no great discovery, there was no renewed excitement, there was really nothing new to report, yet still he wrote in his journal and rather than record that "nothing happened today" he wrote words of progress; they sailed on.

Out at sea with no land in sight, each day literally looks exactly the same as the last. Plenty of days may look like nothing has changed, but progress was still made. The ship's sails were full and there was water breaking at the bow, so there is still evidence of going forward.

There are some days, especially these recent days, that may feel like there is nothing different from the day before. We may not have anything new or exciting to record, but we are still moving forward. There's no standing still in our lives, and there's especially no standing still in our spiritual journey; each day we sail on.

In Him,

Discussion Guide

1.) Do you ever feel "stuck" with things? How does that make you feel?

2.) Does it sometimes feel like each day is the same as the last day? Why do you think it feels this way?

3.) What are some things that show each day really isn't the same? What are some signs of progress in your life?

4.) What are some signs of progress in your spiritual journey?

5.) Romans 8:28 tells us, "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." What good have you seen God bring from negative situations?

6.) What good could God bring from your current situation?