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Psalm 84:1-2, 4

How lovely are Your dwelling places, O LORD of hosts! My soul longed and even yearned for the courts of the LORD; My heart and my flesh sing for joy to the living God. . . . How blessed are those who dwell in your house! They are ever praising You. Selah.

We know that we do not need a building to worship our God. We can worship Him anywhere and anytime. Yet, there is something “lovely” about gathering with the people of God to worship together in one of His many “dwelling places.” Our spirits yearn for the place where our hearts and souls sing together for joy. And that is how it should be. Yes, we were made to worship alone but we were also made to worship together.

We do not know how long it will be before ALL OF US (even the most vulnerable among us) are able to gather in one of His “dwelling places” we call Campus Bible Church. Frankly, many of us call it “our home church.” Oh, how I ache to see ALL of  my precious church family. Seeing some of you on my computer screen or in person at our precious “Drive Through Communion” was wonderful but it is not enough. Gathering with a few in our worship centers and classrooms will be great but my soul longs to see ALL of your unmasked faces, shake ALL of your ungloved hands and hug on ALL of your precious kids and grandkids. Oh, how I yearn to hear a room FULL of voices, singing for joy!

It has been well said that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Point well-taken. Perhaps when we re-gather we will ALL have a renewed appreciation for what we took for granted. Perhaps our commitment to even more regular attendance will change. Perhaps our corporate gatherings will take on a new enthusiasm and roof-shaking praise. Perhaps we will witness the revival and “great awakening” we have longed for as many come to faith in Christ and “dwell in the house of the Lord...forever.”

Our leaders are very busy working on a plan to reopen that is safe. We hope to see many of you very soon as we pray for that time when ALL of us can gather. In the meantime, as a church family, let’s keep “pausing” and praising Our LORD privately and in our small groups. Nothing is stopping us from worshiping and praying together...one CBC worshiper at a time. Selah: Stop and think about that!
New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation
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