In Hindsight - Vol. 4

This Too Shall Pass

I love history. I love history so much that I once read a history text book for fun (in my defense I didn't know it was a text book when I bought it...but I did enjoy it!). In my limited time spent studying the subject, one word that appears regarding certain events in history is the word "unprecedented." The definition of unprecedented is simply "never done or known before" (thank you Google). Every so often there is an event the likes of which "was never done or known before." We are currently in such an event. Has there ever been a global pandemic? Yes. Has the economy ever taken a large hit over a short amount of time? Yes. The combination of these two things is fairly unprecedented. Add to that the "stay at home" orders, the closure of schools and businesses, and churches such as Campus Bible needing to switch from onsite services to online, and we truly are seeing something that has never been done or known before.

I say all this to make a point that you've probably already realized; none of this is normal. Most of how we respond to a situation is based off of how we've responded to similar situations in the past. This makes it particularly challenging to know how to respond to a situation that we have no framework of experience with. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed with everything happening and trying to juggle all that life is currently expecting of you, you're not alone.  We are facing unprecedented times and with that comes unprecedented challenges.

The good news is that this season of life is just that; a season. It will not last forever. There's a story about a ring that was worn by a wise old king. On the ring was inscribed a simple phrase "this too shall pass." When times were at their best, the king would look at the ring and remember that good times don't always last and he would intentionally treasure the good times all the more. When times were difficult, he would look at the ring and remember that no matter the hardship, it will end and good times would come again. I wish I had the solution to every problem that everyone is facing right now but I know I don't. Instead, I know that God is in control, that He is sovereign, and that no matter what we face, this too shall pass. I have been praying for each student and for you all and will continue to hold you in prayer as you parent your children in these strange and unique times.

In Him,
Pastor Michael

Discussion Guide

It's certainly a challenge to process all that is going on and changing on a daily basis right now. The world of a teenager is in some ways smaller, but also less stable because they don't yet have the framework of time and experience that an adult does. Statistically, teenagers often go to others in their circle for support and don't often come running to a parent or other adult. For this reason, you may need to initiate the conversation. It's okay to not have all the answers, sometimes just talking about it can make things feel better.

Here are some ideas of what to say...
  • What are your thoughts about everything going on?
  • How are your friends dealing with this? What about you, how are you handling it?
  • Lately it seems like you've been feeling more ________. Am I right?
  • This is how I'm doing right now, how are you feeling? (Putting words to your feelings may help them put words to theirs).
  • Scary things happen in our world, but God is always with you. You can talk to him anytime, anywhere. (You could even pray together right then).
  • It's okay to feel scared/confused/worried about this situation.
  • When you're ready to talk about what's going on, let me know.