The Ministry Leadership Certificate is specifically designed for those ministry leaders who want to enhance their ministry knowledge and skills while staying actively involved in their calling. MLC participants include a variety of people, full-time and bi-vocational pastors, elders, lay leaders, and various ministry leaders. The courses are designed to fit ministries’ demanding schedules, focus on its foundational practices and feature instructors that have been schooled both academically and practically. The participant will find the bar of his or her ministry permanently raised as a result.

The Ministry Leadership Certificate has been purposefully crafted through consultation with local Venture Church Network leaders to be challenging and doable, academic and practical, high quality and affordable. The courses fit neatly into two semesters, and come packaged in manageable online formats enhanced by local mentors and occasional online forums. Added benefits include access to many of the resources available to all Western Seminary students including online library access. Upon completion of the program, students also receive the opportunity to utilize the courses for development of their own congregants and to serve as their mentor/coaches.

If you are interested in the MLC program, please contact Rob Lyness.



Available Meeting Dates:
Monday, July 29 | 7:00–8:00pm
Sunday, August 18 | 2:00–3:00pm


September 7, 2024–June 6, 2025

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who should take the Ministry Leadership Certificate Program?

A: The MLC program is designed for those who are currently involved in ministry and who desire to enhance their knowledge and skills while remaining actively involved in their calling. Additionally, the MLC program will be beneficial for those who, though not currently active in ministry, are looking for resources that will enhance their ministry capability. Finally, several graduates have shared that the MLC program was a catalyst for deepening their knowledge and appreciation of the Bible.
Q: What is the format for the Ministry Certificate Leadership Program?

A:  The MLC is designed for those with already demanding schedules. The classes are concise and the related tasks are ministry-enhancing. Because we believe that learning is more effective in a community setting, you will be placed in a cohort with 6–10 other MLC students.

Q: What amount of coursework is required?

A: Each semester will consist of approximately 45 hours of class time, two selected reading assignments, and two cumulative writing assignments (1000–1500 words each) that synthesize key aspects of the student's growth through the semester. Most of the tasks, courses, forums, and Zoom meetings can be accomplished from your home. Depending on the circumstances, there may be some face-to-face meetings with your cohort as well as travel to Next/Gen leadership events.