Are you praying for God to move in and through your life missionally to people in your circle throughout the week? We want to hear your stories of you joining God to bring His love and gospel to others. Please share your story with us!
from Kathy - November 8, 2020
I have a private practice audiology office and am grooming a young man to take over the business. I shared with him that the Reedley office is slow and that I am praying about whether to close the office, but would wait to make any decisions until receiving clear direction from the Lord. A week later, a government agency called our office requesting use of our space and equipment. This is a solution that I would have never dreamed of on my own. It was such a clear, immediate, and undeniable answer to prayer. I enjoyed sharing with Dan this God sighting and feel humbly encouraged.
from Diane - October 4, 2020
At the school site, where I work we've experience the lose of another one of God's angels, one of our in nurses in the hospital being teated for COVID-19. While eating lunch with several other staff members, we received a text that our LVN was down to 1 liter of oxygen, but her mother-in-law wasn't doing well. One of the other gals said we should in agreement lift this family up in prayer. The next morning her mother-in-law passed . In the past, when would a group have been able to have prayed at a school site as a group of believers? Praise God!
from Linda - September 6, 2020
I have made it a point to encourage people working in stores, like the tellers and 'box people' or health workers, by saying things such as "Have a blessed day,"  or "God has given me all I need," or "I will pray for you."  Last week when I said, 'Have a blessed day" the teller said, "God is good."  I was blessed by the teller!!!"
from Bob - August 30, 2020
"While I was at UCSF during stem cell collection, I talked to the nurse, Karen, the first day about the gospel. She was open and sounded interested. She said she had not understood the gospel as I explained it before. She thanked me for sharing with her. She even suggested she might be one reason I couldn't get stem cells collected the first time. I gave her a four spiritual laws booklet so she could get a better understanding.

The nurse the second day, Laurie, said she hoped to go to heaven because she was a good person and did good things. I shared the basic gospel with her, and she said she had been trained differently growing up. She was raised Catholic. I offered a four spiritual laws book to her, and she said she'd already read it. Karen had shown it to her."
from Livvie - August 23, 2020
"At our United in Spirit Zoom meeting recently, I casually mentioned, "I wish I had an exercise bike." I thought nothing of it, although I'd been praying I could have something to exercise with, since I'm sheltering in place, due to Covid-19. A few days later, I received an email from a class member, asking if I wanted an exercise bike. I gladly responded that I did. So, we'll be connecting soon. God knew I needed one, due to my Diabetes. He still provides! Thank You, God!"
from Cleide - May 17, 2020
from Jeremy - May 1, 2020
"In the past two weeks God sightings have been an almost daily event.
One morning two weeks ago I was have my morning devotional. I ended in prayer as I always do, but this time my pray was different. My heart longs to spread the gospel. As I prayed I ask God to use me in my daily life, at work, at home, and in my coming and goings. That morning I stopped at the gas station on my way to work. A young man was sitting by the door of the gas station. As I pulled up we locked eyes. His eye full of expectation, but my mind was like, "here we go he is going to ask for money". Although I was slightly put off I said "ok God take control." Its 5am I'm tired and I don't feel like being bothered. As I went in the store neither of us said a word as I walked right past him. I know he was going to wait for me to come back outside. As I got my thing and checked out, without warning my mind, heart, and spirit began to change. I began to praise God in my mind. My tiredness left my body and what I needed to do was clear. This young man needs Jesus more then my money or my attitude.

As I walked out I didn't know what God would do, but I was sure he would ask for money, and he did. Instead of being put off by his request I praised God for the opportunity. I did help him out with a few dollars, and some advice as to how to get off the street. Then the holy spirit took over in that moment and I was able to give this young man the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. How he is with you, that he knows your situation and the outcome of his life. That he is loved and not alone. Then he got up we embraced and I prayed out loud for him. He hoped and expected a little money to feed his habits. What he didn't expect was to get Jesus. Although he didn't expect Christ in that moment, a seed what planted and I believe he received a lot more than he expected.

I was not aware others had been observing. The next morning the cashier asked me if I had given the young man some money. I said yes. He then told me, well he bought beer with it. I told him I knew he would but I felt I needed to do something for him. The cashier then asked me If i was praying for him. I told him yes. In that moment I was able to share Jesus with him as well. I've seen him for year and never planted that seed.

God is working through his people right were they are. The opportunity is available and even though I may never see these men receive Jesus as Lord. That day may come when they need it most. We serve a good God!!!"
from Edith - April 26, 2020
"I was standing in line to pay for a few things at the grocery store and was preparing to pay for my lunch.  The gentleman in front of me paid for my mine. That was such an encouragement. God is good."
from Anonymous - April 12, 2020
"One early morning, I was at breakfast with some friends, about five of us. This wasn’t our usual time to meet and in fact we had specifically said we weren’t meeting this week. Last minute decisions were made and we met. When we arrived at 6:00am at our regular restaurant and you could tell the night waiter had a rough and busy night. We sat down at our usual table and watched as the shift change began. Our usual waitress Crystal came in and jumped in to help with the manager and busboy who all showed up at the same time, to clean all the tables and to get us coffee.

After a few minutes she brought us coffee and apologized for the delay. You could tell she was rattled a little bit, and we tried our best to make her know that we were fine and that we were in no big hurry. We asked her how her Christmas was she said it was fine, and mentioned how it was different this year. Something inside me (Holy Spirit) made me ask, “Is everyone ok health wise?” She then began to tell us how they just found out her mother in law has stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. She told us it was hard on her husband and the sacrifices and the changes they were making as a family to take care of her. We asked for her mother in law’s name and her husbands name and we told her we would pray for them specifically. She walked away and as we have been taught, we can say we are going to pray or we can just pray.

So with no concern with who was around us, we prayed right there for Elizabeth and David. We prayed Elizabeth would have peace and comfort, and we prayed for strength and courage for David. At the end of our prayer we hadn’t noticed that Crystal had come back and was standing near by with her head bowed. We were at the restaurant for about an hour and when we were ready for our check, the manager told us someone paid for our meal and brought us this note. It was from a lady who was sitting near by alone. “Thank you for being bold in your faith this morning. I lost a partner to suicide, we are both cops. It’s definitely a prayer I needed to hear even for someone else. 2 Cor 4:17-18 Thank you” We were all blown away!! As we all said right there, God is Good, he orchestrated a great morning and we praised him for it."
from David & Regina - April 8, 2020
"So a couple of weeks ago, we decided to put up a string of white lights in a front yard tree to demonstrate the hope, life and the love of Christ.  Several neighbors noticed and commented kindly on it.  We then decided this past week that we needed to step it up a notch and so we passed out fliers door to door over the weekend.  Two nights ago, something caught my eye thru a front window, it was a string of lights on a neighbor's bush.  We ran outside to go see and low and behold there were eight other houses on our street with lights in their yards.  We have also been checking on neighbors to make sure they are doing ok thru this challenge and we are hoping for opportunity to share Christ in talking with neighbors.  Thank you God for the hope you give and for opportunities to be used by You!!"
from Ken - April 5, 2020
"The city is replacing sidewalks and curbs at our house. Consequently, the sprinklers had to be reinstalled.  They had done some work, but were obviously not putting everything back correctly. Because I didn't have a lot of work Thursday, I started later than usual. As I went outside, I could see they were finishing up the sprinklers. I was able to explain what else needed to be done. I even helped dig out some more dirt.
While helping them I noticed someone had put a mailed envelope on the hood of my old truck. It contained a check from a customer. If I hadn't been helping the sprinkler installers, that envelope would have been lost! God made it clear He was there for me, even in the small things."
from Kathy - March 22, 2020
"Last month, Tracy and I were used to minister to several women and one in particular at Pismo. We were on the pier and found a purse sitting close to the entrance. We picked it up but no one was around. There were car keys, wallet, cell phone, license, credit card, cash all in the purse. My friend tried the phone but it was locked. She called the Pismo police and explained the situation. While we were waiting we prayed for the lady who it belonged to for her protection and salvation. Then her cell phone rang and it was her husband we guessed. He said she was on the pier looking for it and would meet us. The police officer came and Tracy shared that she was going to get it from us and the officer said okay and left. About three or four women walked up to us who we found out were her friends and were helping her look. Thinking one of them was her I said “we prayed for you!” It turned out they were believers! When she arrived I told her we had prayed for her and she was a believer too and had been looking frantically for the purse! Right then that lady started praying and we all joined together and thanked God for His protection and thanksgiving for our unity in Christ!

On the Pismo pier about six of us joining together in prayer. Absolutely amazing! I said to one of the gals “we get to be together for eternity” and she said “ and it won’t be long”! So precious to meet fellow followers of Christ and to be used by God in a most unexpected place and time! I was not even going to go that day but decided that morning to go and was so blessed! I would have missed that opportunity and blessing. I was amazed that God would use me. I want to encourage all of us to keep being available and to continue to be open to sharing Him with those God places in our path."