Stay Home Order Update

On December 3, Governor Newsom announced the Regional Stay Home Order that would go into effect if a region's ICU availability dropped below 15%. Within a few days of the announcement, the San Joaquin Valley Region's ICU availability dropped below 15% and the Stay Home Order went into effect.

Some have asked what/if any impact the Stay at Home order has on church activities including worship services.

The answer is very little, because we have been holding our onsite worship services outdoors.

According to the state's webpage entitled "About COVID-19 Restrictions":

Can I go to church?
Yes. In counties the Widespread (Purple) tier, indoor services in places of worship must be discontinued but outdoor and online services are permitted.

Can children attend group activities at places of worship?
Yes. Outdoor activities are permitted, and indoor activities are permitted if they comply with cohort guidance.

Keep in mind that the Stay Home Order is not an absolute lockdown measure. Many industries are not closed, including churches.

While the Stay Home Order is in effect, we will continue to hold our outdoor worship services at both the Maple & Palm campuses along with online services, however our individual ministries may decide to move online when appropriate.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through these difficult days. Please continue to pray for those impacted professionally and personally by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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