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The heart of JARON Ministries is the development and teaching of Biblically-based materials for U.S. and foreign leaders in the church. Of the many seminars offered, the most popular topics are: Building Personal Purity, Immorality in the Ministry, The Emotions: God’s Energizers, Biblical Counseling, and Communication in Marriage.

JARON’s professional staff has developed discipleship materials that supplement what is presented in the live seminars and conferences. JARON offers many workbooks and manuals, as well as a wide variety of video and audio tapes developed directly from live presentations.

JARON focuses ministry in three primary areas:

  1. Messages –  including conference speaking, seminars and preaching;
  2. Materials – which consists of videos (DVDs), audio (CDs & MP3s) and manuals that accompany or complement the topics covered in live seminars and conferences; and
  3. Missions – through short-term cross-cultural trips to do teaching, construction and medical work.

What's the relationship between Campus Bible Church & JARON?
Though Campus Bible Church of Fresno and JARON Ministries International are separate religious non-profit organizations with distinct administration and accountability, both ministries have a number of things in common:

1.  They share the same heart for equipping people to reach out to the world.

    • Both CBC and JMI exist to equip God’s people to be mature, healthy, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ who are expanding their influence globally
    • Both CBC and JMI share a passion to be involved in presenting the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a wide variety of ways
    • Both CBC and JMI are committed to partnering with other like-minded churches and ministries whose goal is to train people to serve the Lord of Glory locally and globally

2.  They share some of the same people resources as they reach out to the world.

    • Dr. Jim Cecy: serves as Sr. Pastor at Campus and Founder and President of JMI
    • A number of JMI staff members and missionaries serve as volunteers at CBC
    • Many of the congregation at CBC have been involved in short-term ministries with JMI

3.  They share a deep appreciation for one another’s primary focus.

    • CBC is primarily a local-church ministry (with Global impact)
    • JMI is primarily a para-church global ministry (whose primary focus is beyond Fresno County)
    • This forms a wonderful symbiosis as both ministries partner together for the cause of Christ in the world
How might JARON Ministries help you serve better at Campus and beyond?

    • Attend a JARON Bible Institute class for advanced Bible and practical training
    • Order from the expansive list of written, audio and video materials offered by JMI
    • Serve with JARON Ministries on one of its many short-term ministry trips around the world
    • Become a volunteer in the local Fresno office
    • Pray regularly for the staff, missionaries and board of JARON Ministries
    • Support JARON Ministries financially (after you have supported your local church)
    • Consider becoming a full-time, part-time or adjunct missionary with JARON Ministries

Visit www.jaron.org/media to purchase JARON materials.

For more information about JARON Ministries International, visit www.jaron.org

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