Meet our Leaders

Ministry Staff

Gene Beck

Counseling/Seniors Pastor

Gene has served on the Pastoral staff at Campus since February 1996.  Over the years he has served in a variety of roles.  He currently serves in the area of Pastoral counseling, Deacon Team oversight, Care Ministries, and assimilation.

Gene and Lynette have been married over 40 years and have two married daughters and three grandchildren.  His hobbies include collecting anything John Deere, working in the yard, and he one day hopes to restore an old car that he owns.

Katie Belden

Communications Administrator

Before joining the staff in 2012, Katie was involved in both college and children’s ministry. As the communications and media-focused branch of our administrative staff, she gets to work with staff and ministry leaders to produce most of our church graphics and publicity.

Katie and her husband Josh have been married since June 2014. Katie and Josh love to watch sports and spend time with friends and family and their giant German shepherd, Dax.

Michael Bergman

Facilities / Technical Director

Mike has been involved in Campus activities for most of his life. He loves the family atmosphere and the way that people genuinely care about one another. Mike is the technical arts director and oversees facilities management, and is often out and about on the property fixing and helping wherever he is needed.

When he’s not at work, Mike can usually be found taking apart and putting together his or a friend’s car or computer, and he enjoys all things aviation-related. During football season, Mike’s living room is occupied with friends nearly every Monday night, especially when Jacksonville is playing.

Jim Cecy

Senior Pastor-Teacher

Dr. Jim Cecy has served as the Senior Pastor-Teacher of Campus Bible Church since November 1, 1995. He is also the founder and president of JARON Ministries International, an international training ministry for pastors, missionaries, church leaders and chaplains (

Pastor Jim has served as a pastor in churches in California since 1974. He is the author of a number of study materials, including his books: “The Purity War: A Biblical Guide to Living in an Immoral World” ( and “Mastering the Scriptures: A Self-Study Course in Effective Bible Study”.

Jim has been married to Karon since 1973 and they have three married daughters and nine grandchildren. Over the years he and Karon have helped to raise twenty-three foster children, two of whom have become part of the family and added three more to their growing list of grandchildren.

When Pastor Jim takes a break he enjoys hanging out with Karon, sports-shooting, backyard astronomy and keeping up with his boatload of grandchildren.

Karon Cecy

Children’s Ministry Director

Karon (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) has loved being a pastor’s wife for over forty years. In addition to her duties as Children’s Ministry Director she actively teaches and disciples women here at CBC and around the community. She also serves as a missionary with JARON Ministries, serving as a confidante, mentor and counselor to ministry wives in the U.S. and abroad. Her hobbies are reading and being “Grammy” to her nine grandchildren and three foster-grandchildren.

Matt Cook

Executive Pastor

In July 2001, Matt joined Campus’ staff as the College/Missions Pastor. In 2008, Matt moved into the role of Executive Pastor where he assists Pastor Jim in overseeing the day to day operation of the ministry, which includes staff oversight and managing church resources.  One of things that Matt enjoys most in his job is being able to help other staff members in their ministry and being involved in cross-cultural ministry.

Matt’s been married to Barbara since December 1998 and they have four children. His hobbies are playing disc golf and geocaching with the kids. Matt’s life verse is Hebrews 12:1-2, which reminds him that his focus is to remain squarely on Christ.

Laurel Dhillon

Worship Arts Administrator

Laurel has served as our Worship Arts Administrator since 2007.  She and her husband Gary have 4 grown children and four grandchildren.  Their family is involved in an eclectic range of interests: Global Ministries, Worship Arts, Psychology, Sports Therapy, Teaching, Urban Ministries, and Culinary Arts.

When Laurel has some down time she enjoys reading, spending time with her family and supporting the San Francisco 49ers.

Carey Leon

Finance Administrator

Carey and her husband Tommy have been married since 1993. They have 3 daughters–Stefanie, who is married to Mark Rodriguez, Mary, and Carey. Carey was a hairstylist for 25 years before moving into administration at the Palm Campus.

Carey enjoys listening to sermons from various pastors. She is learning to golf, loves camping and seeing new places.

Clint Letterman

Associate Pastor of Youth Ministries

Clint joined the staff in August of 2013 and has served in churches in both Indiana and California for the last 13 years. A graduate of The Master’s Seminary, his educational focus of biblical counseling serves to help and encourage the parents of today’s youth. His main responsibility is the development of leaders and providing oversight over Campus’ student ministries. It is his desire is to see every student passionate about Jesus, His mission and His Word.

Clint and his wife Kersten have been married since 2001 and stay busy raising their three children, Maddy, Ensley and Oaks. When there is “down time”, Clint enjoys playing golf, basketball and reading.

Kenton Rahn

Palm Site Pastor / Pastor of Adult Ministries & Growth Groups

Kenton joined our staff in May 2008 as the College/Outreach pastor, leaving the beach life of Santa Cruz behind.  He recently shifted in his pastoral role to become Pastor of Adult Ministries.

Kenton his wife Michelle have been married since May 2011.  In May 2012, little Grace Clementine joined their family.  In his spare time Kenton enjoys traveling, reading, soccer and walks on the beach.

Jon Shabaglian

Worship Arts Pastor

Jon joined our staff in January 2016 as our Worship Arts Pastor overseeing worship ministry at both of our campuses.

Jon and his wife Andrea have been married since September 2002. They are blessed with two beautiful children.

2018 Elder Board

Nick Allen


Bio coming soon.

Trevor Birkholz


Trevor joined the Elder Board this month, January 2017.  He and Gina have been married 33 years and have 3 children, all boys, ages 28, 24 and 16.  They have been at Campus since 1996 and have been involved in several outreach, teaching and support ministries through the years including most recently assisting with teaching in Jr. H. and H.S. Sunday School (Trevor), women’s ministries (Gina). leadership of a Growth Group (Both) and several short term mission trips (Both).  They are also very active in outreach to international students, owning two homes which they rent out solely to students, mostly from outside the U.S.

Trevor is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, having received his education and training at Talbot School of Theology (M.Div, Christian Education and Marriage and Family Ministry) and California State University in Los Angeles (M.S. in Clinical Psychology) and employed with the County of Fresno Behavioral Health Department as a Mental Health Clinician since 1996 and Clinical Supervisor since 2012. Gina is a Real Estate Appraiser. They are both foodies, like to travel, meet and connect with people, especially from other cultures.

Pastor Jim Cecy

Elder/Senior Pastor

Pastor Jim has served as the senior pastor of Campus Bible Church since November 1, 1995. He is also the founder and president of JARON Ministries International. Pastor Jim has served in seven churches since 1971.

He has been married to Karon since 1973 and have three married daughters and eight grandchildren.  Over the years he and Karon have helped to raise 23 foster children – two of whom have become part of the family and added three more to their growing list of grandchildren.  When Pastor Jim takes a break he enjoys sport shooting and studying (that’s a hobby for him).


Andy Haussler


Andy and his wife Lindsay have served actively in many areas of ministry here at Campus. They have taken an active role in their adult Sunday school class, as well as in children’s Sunday school. Andy has served as a deacon, and Lindsay currently works with the students in our AWANA program. They both appreciate the genuine hearts of the members at Campus.

Andy and Lindsay have been married since 2001 and have three children.  They love to spend time in the mountains—camping, fishing, or hiking—and enjoy a good game of whiffle ball in the backyard with friends and family. In his downtime, Andy enjoys following college football and major league baseball.

Paul Gong


Paul joined the Elder Board in January 2016. He has been a part of the Campus Bible Church ministry since 1991 and met his wife, Sherry, in the college group on his first visit. They have been married since 1997.

Paul has been a part of the music ministry at Campus in some way for over 20 years whereas Sherry has been found using her giftedness in music and choir and, more recently, helping with the More Than Able ministry towards those with disabilities and other behind-the-scenes support tasks. Their son, Ethan, born in 2001, is involved in the high school ministry and also uses his giftedness in music to shore up the music ministry.

In his spare time, Paul enjoys reading, cycling, karate and playing the guitar.

Scott Jett


Scott joined the elder board in January 2015. He counts it as a privilege and an honor to serve in this capacity at his church home.Scott and his wife, Kristie, also work as advisors with the High School students at Campus. Kristie is also serving a first term as a deaconess. The Jett family has felt a great comfort in the teaching and fellowship at Campus Bible Church.

Scott and Kristie have been married for almost 20 years. They have been blessed with 4 children in varying stages of life. By day, Scott is a Periodontist in private practice. However, in his spare time he and Kristie and their children have been on mission trips to Mexico, Nepal and Dubai. Scott has enjoyed mountaineering and rock climbing since his youth and has enjoyed sharing the great outdoors with his family. His family loves traveling, locally and internationally, and turning anything in to an adventure.

Tommy Leon


Bio coming soon.

Adam Sheppard


Bio coming soon.


Campus Bible Church calls men, qualified to serve in accordance with 1 Timothy 3:8-13, to serve as Elders.

Our Elders are nominated, screened and elected by the church membership to serve a two-year term. They may be elected for an additional two-year term, and then a rest of one year is required.


2018 Maple Deacon Team
DEACONS – Doug Deffebach, Ken Dones, Gabe Halls, Jim Hill, John Krueger, David McFerrin, Alan Meyer, Dick Poplin, Randy Ray, Lee Tinnin

DEACONESSES – Leeanne Branham, Jenny Brooks, Del Christianson, Barbara Cook, Tamra Gardner, Barbara Hampson, Kristine Hobbs, Kristie Jett, Peggy Mackey, Leslie Pacini, Beth Ray

2018 Palm Deacon Team
DEACONS – Jack Garner, Rob Lyness, Bill Nelson, Gary Nesper, Tom Sommers, Karl Strube, Bud Whitehead, Tim Wagenleitner, Dick Williams

DEACONESSES – Karen Garner, Carey Leon, Susan Nelson, Barbara Sommers

Campus Bible Church calls men and women, qualified to serve in accordance with 1 Timothy 3:8-13, to serve as Deacons and Deaconesses.

Our Deacons/Deaconesses are nominated, screened and elected by the church membership to serve a two-year term. They may be elected for an additional two-year term, and then a rest of one year is required.

2018 Nominating Committee
Tom Anderson, Lorraine Anderson, Joan Cook, David DePartee, Jill DePartee, Ryan Howard, Darla Wagenleitner, Dawn Warnecke, Marilyn Wiser. Alternates: Karen Garner, JR Whitaker, Pat Whitaker.

Campus Bible Church calls men and women, qualified to serve as Nominating Committee members.

Members of the Nominating Committee are nominated, screened and elected by the church membership to serve a one-year term. They may be elected for an additional one-year term, and then a rest of one year is required.

The duties of the Nominating Committee are to assist the Elders in the screening and recommendation of leaders to the congregation for leadership service in the roles of Elder, Deacon/Deaconess, and Nominating Committee.